The ORT Jet training calendar begun smoothly on the 26th of January 2021.

The participants too, commenced their “climb” for the year with inspirational speaker, Lee Den Hond who literally climbed Mount Everest in 2013- the third South African woman to achieve this milestone.

What was clear throughout the webinar was that Lee Den Hond is not afraid to say yes, which she goes into detail in her motivational book “what happens when you say yes.”

As you can imagine, the audience was instantly encapsulated by her and the lessons she shared with us, to shovel through hardships.

Lee said the climb was the hardest thing she has ever done in her life, and when she was up there, all she could think about was her purpose. We were reminded that if you are conscious of that, you can overcome any challenge.

Therefore, we were challenged to think about our “why”. Hers was to build something for less fortunate kids, and in this commitment, she was able to endure the climb.

“This concept has come to the fore in everything in my life” said Den Hond

Lee awarded us with powerful messages, inspiring us to reside in a self-empowering thought pattern.

“When you do tough things, you realise how strong you are. You don’t know how strong you are until you are put in the toughest situations”

“After Everest, I knew the next adventure would find me, and I believe you are never too old to do anything” she said

“‘You can either be a participant in this life or a spectator…What’s the worst that can happen? If you are not trying, you are failing yourself.” And remember “Life is all about the way you feel about yourself, it’s your mind-set.”

She then ended off with a mantra for safe-keeping, “Your energy is your altitude and your altitude is your attitude.”