About Our Mentoring Programme

Get off to a good start with the growth and development of your business

An ORT Jet mentor embodies a seasoned and knowledgeable individual who provides guidance and assistance to our mentees possessing lesser experience and expertise within a specific area. The mentor effectively imparts their expertise, counsel, and insights to facilitate the mentee’s skill enhancement, realisation of potential, and accomplishment of objectives.

The dynamic between a mentor and a mentee is often built upon a foundation of mutual trust. Mentors may provide pragmatic guidance, share their personal experiences and furnish constructive feedback. They serve as navigational aids through challenges, sources of encouragement during trying times, and aid in making well-informed choices.

Time, an exceedingly precious resource, should be invested in others. Beyond the gratification of witnessing the progress resulting from their support, mentors also reap the benefits of nurturing leadership skills, honing communication abilities, and bolstering self-assurance through mentorship. Concurrently, they expand their personal network and acquire new insights. All in all, mentoring stands as an invaluable practice that fosters the exchange of knowledge, the cultivation of skills, and personal advancement for both the mentor and the mentee.

Who will benefit from the ORT Jet Mentorship programme?

  • Are you a business owner or have a business idea?
  • Want to learn new skills and knowledge?
  • Are willing to seek guidance and advice?
  • Can accept responsibility for your own decisions and actions?
  • Can act on expert and objective advice if you believe it is correct?
  • Can implement tasks by agreed times?
  • Maintain mutual trust and respect?
  • Take initiative and set up meetings with your mentor?

Cost of the ORT Jet programme:

R200 a month or R2200 a year. The market value of the training, mentorship and networking is in excess of R150 000.

ORT Jet bears no responsibility for advice given to the ORT Jet businesses by mentors or relationships or funding relationships.
ORT Jet will not be held liable for any introduction that we make to any individual or Business for Venture Capital.