Thank you most sincerely for facilitating the Strategy In The Boardroom Session for ORT JET last night as part of our 6 week Business Breakthrough Bootcamp. Your ability to communicate sophisticated and complex concepts in an easy to understand, engaging and stimulating manner is captivating. Thank you kindly for sending through your presentation for us to send to the attendees.

Your continuous kindness, professionalism and time is deeply appreciated by the ORT JET team and you impart a greatness of knowledge to our businesses
Once again, your session was highly effective and interactive and we so appreciate the valuable lessons you impart to every attendee. Your thought provoking content about trends, constant change, being realistic and the importance of effective strategy were so impactful.
Thank you for assisting ORT JET by empowering the businesses on our programme and contributing to a healthier business environment. People often underestimate the importance of strategy and we are grateful for the time and preparation you put into the session to make it both motivating and inspiring.

The feedback post your session was phenomenal and each attendee took away extremely valuable learnings.
I have listed below some of the comments:
Incredibly insightful, a great business eye opener in observing every day trends in the workplace and the ability to overcome problems” 

Brilliant explored the “how to” take steps in ones’ business, exposed myths and demonstrated a brilliant process and strategy module. Very detailed. Thank you!” 

I learnt to look for trends and look at challenges in my business

Very interesting workshop. Was very thought provoking and has given me practical tips to help the define and refine my strategy

I enjoyed the lecture format. This session will definitely help me make better decisions and taught me to be prepared to change my plans

Ian gave me valuable tools to use when doing strategic planning

Excellent, well presented and completely engaging

Brisk, direct, logical and always look for trends” 

We really appreciate that you made a difference in the lives of our ORT JET businesses and thank you once again for the session.