Judy Klipin, master life coach and author of two books gave us all something so vital to take away, to take care of our for our mental health and state of mind during this time. Creating  a “mental  spreadsheet” as she put it is something we should definitely be implementing to avoid burnout and overwhelm. A daily agenda is important to ensure that we do not become overwhelmed because working from home can also be very exhausting. We must check in with ourselves and ask the following questions: What am I feeling? Why am i feeling this way? What am i going to do about it? Being mindful is crucial in order to set our boundaries and have a clear understanding of what actually brings us energy.

Judy believes that we set far too high expectations of ourselves and we need to be compassionate to ourselves and others. We must set realistic expectations of ourselves and others to avoid unnecessary pressure. We were all so fortunate to receive such relevant and insightful tips from Judy Klipin which we can use to avoid burnout.

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