Speed does matter, but only when you are moving in the right direction.

Do you know where you are going?

All consequential decisions we make today will inform the quality of our future. Thoughtful decisions are always based on how we think the future will unfold, but most people are so bewildered by the present that they can barely think ahead.

However, taking a view of the future is a normal human activity: we consider a career change, starting a business, marrying, buying a home or an investment, or retiring based on how we expect the future to unfold.

Sit down with a few friends over cups of coffee and talk about the future they see. When the conversation is running down, pose this question: On what basis do you come to your conclusions?

If we cannot foretell the cost of money in three weeks, what can we know about the world our business will inhabit in 3 years?

This is where clever scenarios add value. Scenarios provide an approach to thinking about what the future could hold. Scenarios are stories created from current data and insights that describe a range of possible futures. From the range of possible futures, we can identify how we should function today so we are able to take advantage of whatever future confronts us.


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