Setting Achievable Goals at ORT JET with Dina Cramer – 27 March 2017

Thank you Dina for such a great session! It was fantastic and inspiring to all those present. So many bases were covered, including:
Clarifying goals
Action steps to guide you along your path
Tips and tools to achieve your goals

To see the class in less than 90 seconds, watch the Youtube video HERE , or go to our ORT JET Business Community Facebook page.

“My learnings were daily practise and visualization” – Giza Grek
“Excellent training material and practical exercises in the training” – Simone Kur
“Course content was excellent and will be used going forward” – Nadine Hocter
“Very useful in ways to achieve and set goals, excellently prepared and delivered professionally” – David Demby
“The facilitator was effective in helping me learn and the session was alive and interesting” – Lauren Baskir
“I good framework that I can use after the session and extremely practical” – Julius Olubodum
“My three learning are to be positive, SMART and kind to myself” – Susan Harris
“Informative, educational and motivating” – Anthony Friedman
“Keep moving forward and don’t procrastinate were my key learnings” – Alfred Wolpe