Many thanks to Ronnie Kagan for the very lively and interesting session on Sales!

Thank you Ronnie, we look forward to more just like it!

What an awesome session! This is what one of the attending businesses had to say:

I just attended Ronnie Kagans presentation, and have just
arrived home.  I left home feeling today feeling tired, and wondering
whether it would be worthwhile to attend tonight’s session.  What an
inspiration!  Ronnie was stimulating and so incredibly passionate about
his topic!  What was so inspiring to me was his (and all the ORTJET
mentors) generosity of spirit!!  The willingness to share,  and to
give over so much of his (their) accumulated wisdom and experience.
Ronnie didn’t take a moment out to relax, chat or even eat,  but just
wanted to give, give and give more.  What I will remember is not
necessarily his many pearls of wisdom,  but his need to infuse us all with
his enthusiasm,  and the belief that we can make it happen, should we
really want to do so! It was as if he wanted us to absorb, via osmosis, some of
his unique capacity for success.

On my way home, I passed an elderly woman, exhausted beyond
measure, struggling, with the assistance of an elderly man, to push a huge cart
of recycling material.  She looked so tired and worn out.  I promptly
stopped my car,  and gave them each R100,  and then thanked them for
the worthwhile work they perform in keeping our city cleaner by recycling the
waste.  She was so grateful, and smiled warmly with a toothless
grin.  This was a small gesture to pay it forward, as I was filled with
such a deep gratitude for the generosity of sharing I had just experienced.

 Thank you ORTJET for the amazing work you do, and to your
fabulous mentors who share with such generosity, their time, experience and

 I am deeply grateful.


Business Breakthrough Bootcamp video in process!