Thank you most sincerely for facilitating our first ORT JET talk of 2018. Your content was highly effective and the interactive session was enjoyed by all those present.

The feedback post your session was phenomenal and each attendee took away extremely valuable learnings. Listed below some of the comments:

My three specific learnings were the Buy In Roadmap. Relate to my clients and manage them. I learnt it’s not about me, it’s about you. The workshop was informative, interactive and relevant to the sales process. By shifting perspective from sales person to the client is the key to success. The course met all my expectations and was extremely useful. It definitely achieved the desired outcome

I learnt that credibility is key and I need to find the pain and twist the knife. Essentially it is not about me. I found this session interactive and engaging. The effective in helping me learn was excellent

Find the pain, twist the knife. Effective in helping me learn and prepared and delivered professionally

Prepared and delivered professionally and Erich kept the session alive and interesting

Great paradigm shift. Tell your story and make your point. The session met all my expectations and I achieved the outcome set

Exceptional and game changing experience. What a well prepared and delivered session which was interactive, beneficial and interesting

It is essential to find out what your customer need and build trust. A good session that met all my expectations

The course was concise, informative, beneficial and important

Shifting the perspective from me, me, me to YOU. The session was valuable in learning to shift objectives

The main objectives were achieved and you gave beneficial tips and techniques to the audience. It is about the customer and this was one of the crucial learnings.
We really appreciate that you made a difference in the lives of our ORT JET businesses and thank you once again for the session.”