Manage Projects Successfully.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff Founder & CEO of Empowervate Trust/Youth Citizens Action Programme, gave an empowering talk at the ORT JET Business Academy on the 24th of July on how to manage projects successfully in the workplace.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage and ask Amanda relevant questions that pertained to projects and the impact each project has on their specific businesses.

We all want our projects to run successfully, in order for this to happen there must be clear and definite guidelines and measures for the projects to be attainable.

Amanda covered topics such as – Learn simple project management techniques, how to turn plans into actions, budgeting and investment and how to measure the success of the pilot and expand on it.

“In order to achieve maximum results, one needs to turn actions into plans however they must be attainable and measurable.” Says Amanda…

Amanda touched on the very important point, that the culture of the company plays a very important role on success of the company, and the projects that are in the pipeline. Each individual must be on the same page for cohesion to take place in order for a successful project to take place.

The roles and responsibilities are vital to any organization with regards to projects, they must be clear and defined for productivity to be attained to the maximum.

Attendees had the opportunity to give Amanda feedback on current projects that they were busy dealing with. Amanda gave good and sound advice on how to tackle certain aspects of the projects that they were struggling in.

Overall a wonderful evening spent, with knowledge that was imparted to the attendees was invaluable.