ORT Jet, a division of ORT SA provides exceptional training on various topics for businesses that join their Mentorship Programme. Whether you are a business owner or not, most people have had to create a CV or some sort of profile at some point in their professional lives. Or maybe you are a business owner who is looking to recruit more staff, having knowledge about what makes a good CV is useful.

ORT SA, which empowers the community through education, has recently launched a series of  talks called Careerhub, which follows the three themes of “Explore, Expose and Experience.” 

These are also available for the ORT Jet business community to attend. CV Writing (part 2)- for people who have lost their jobs due to retrenchment, facilitated by Kim Hatchuel took place on the 13th of May 2021.

Kim is a freelance proof-reader with six years’ experience, and a recruitment consultant for a small agency who is perfectly placed to assist with CV writing.

There is a multitude of job search and recruitment sites available but the one thing every recruiter looks for is a professional CV. Kim shared how to make your CV clean and concise as recruiters only taking a few seconds on an initial scan of your CV.  She assured us that you do not have long to make a good first impression so avoid gaps and errors.

In addition, it was discussed, the importance of adding accolades and finding ways to stand out from the rest by showing that you go the “extra mile”. It was suggested to post your CV on www.pnet.co.za and build a strong profile on LinkedIn (see recording of a talk on building a profile on LinkedIn Click on Link )

Please see the webinar recording link if you were unable to join us:


Join us at the upcoming  Career Hub webinars and herewith is the link for Part 3 of CV Writing with Kim Hatchuel on Thursday, 20th May at 10:00am for participants who are re-entering the job market. http://bit.ly/3bTBk8x

We look forward to seeing you online