The ORT SA BGM 2020 was hosted successfully online for the first time ever, highlighting our paramount digital transformation this year.

ORT SA’s commendable achievements was acknowledged by the ORT SA NEC committee and supportive World ORT members. We commenced with a short video of ORT successes, only to name a few, that emphasised the power of education and the impact we continue to make as an educational organisation. The story of ORT and its story of change was clear, evoking that the greatest gift is sharing skills and knowledge with others.

As we reflected on our achievements in unity, we were empowered by an extraordinary line-up of honorary guest speakers and NEC members, leaving us with a sense of hope moving forward. World ORT and ORT SA’s contribution to education throughout history shone through bright, making us proud of the difference we achieve on a global scale.

ORT Jet, a division of ORT SA amongst other impactful departments, were acknowledged for their impact made to businesses this year through endless support, Mentorship & Training as well as to the broader community.

“I have been inspired by this community for making it through this year which truly shows greatness of the human spirit” said Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein. “The work that ORT and ORT Jet does is so important by giving people skills, knowledge and insight to improve themselves” he added. “This is true empowerment, by helping others reach their full potential and contribute to the economy- this comes from education” he said

“It has been an honour to be associated with this organisation” he concluded.

ORT Jet’s purpose is helping people fulfil their business dreams and with the training calendar up until the end of the year, we are providing training on skills that could assist businesses to develop their competencies.

Please visit to view our upcoming training events.

As mentioned by Professor Barry Dwolafsky, guest keynote speaker for the evening and new member of the NEC committee “The Digital Transformation has been fast tracked due to COVID-19 and our primary function should be to focus on getting businesses online and familiar with the Digital World”.

Proud CEO of ORT SA, Ariellah Rosenberg was commended by Dan Green, World ORT CEO for her tremendous leadership, courage and dedication to the organisation upholding the vision of World ORT- “educating for life”

“Covid-19 and lockdown implications worldwide, have demonstrated the opportunities for disruption in education and schooling. It is the perfect timing to formalise the affiliation of SABJE to World ORT. World ORT, is known for its cutting edge technologies in education and worldwide network of schools. I, therefore, envisage collaboration and interventions that promote 21st skills, project based learning that develop analytical and investigative skills and, most importantly, the connection with people to enhance the social and EQ intelligence of our youth.” said Ariellah Rosenberg.