The one thing that every business needs more of, regardless of size, industry or age, is SALES. Sales is the life blood of every organisation but unfortunately it is one of the hardest things to get right.

Where I find most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs struggle is not actually in the closing part of the sale, but primarily in the prospecting part i.e. finding the right customer to actually sell to.

There are a number of ways to be successful at prospecting, but they all fundamentally lead back to some form of marketing (cold calling, print advertising, word of mouth, digital marketing).
I believe that for almost every business, the cheapest, least risky and most scalable form of marketing is digital marketing and therefore every small business needs to either start the process of learning the basics of digital or hire a company who can take care of it for them.

Now digital marketing is a broad field which includes a plethora of options (Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, etc) but one of the best things about digital is that the results are measurable to the cent. It is exceedingly easy to measure one’s ROI (return on investment) in digital marketing and therefore, over time, the right digital medium/s will become clear.

To kickstart your knowledge in the field of Digital, why not apply for ORT’s digital marketing 8 week workshop. I look forward to seeing you there!