Happy September to you!

Although the temperatures may make it hard to believe, Spring is here in the Southern Hemisphere. How appropriate that, as blossoms bloom, new leaves unfurl, and baby birds are born, we are starting – very tentatively – to emerge from the lockdown-induced cocoons we have been in for half a year. It is a time of new growth, fresh ideas and (cautious) optimism.

Without wanting to tempt fate or jinx our progress, the trajectory of this cruel and unusual disease which has plagued the whole world for so many months seems possibly, hopefully, maybe, perchance, to be slowing down. Even though this time has undoubtedly been extremely challenging and traumatic for too many people, for others it has also been an opportunity and an invitation to rest and reset. And we are now starting to imagine – in a very restrained way – how we might start to live our repossessed lives.

There is one third of this Year of Relentless Challenges (as I like to call 2020) left. We have a definite window of opportunity to think about how we would like to make the most of the months that have passed and those that are still to come. It is possible to proceed with purpose and passion for the balance of this year and beyond.

When next you have a few spare hours, here are some questions that will help you to make sense of where you have been, and to envision where you would like to be:

  • What is the biggest lesson the pandemic has taught me
  • What have I valued the most about this Covid time?
  • How can I make sure that I take the things I value with me into the ‘new normal’?
  • What have I disliked the most about this Covid time?
  • How can I make sure that I don’t repeat these in the ‘new normal’?
  • What do I still want to achieve in 2020?
  • Who can I ask for help from to make sure I achieve this/these?

A couple of months ago it felt as though the year was lost and the future was irretrievable. But Nature has a way of reminding us that nothing lasts forever, and this is especially true at this time of new and re-growth.

I hope September puts a spring in your step and hope and your heart!

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