Where would we be without the evident collaboration and support that exists within the community, now more than ever. The ORT Jet Business Rescue Panel is one such example-visit www.ortjet.org.za for more information.

Since the onset of the lockdown period, The South African Jewish Report has been hosting a series of Zoom Webinar panels which have attracted tens of thousands of viewers.

The latest series of Zoom seminars have focused on helping the personal plight of people who are losing their jobs or struggling in their businesses during this period. “All of the webinars have been very practical with action steps for each viewer to take away” said Howard Sackstein, Chairman at the SAJR.

The recent live webinar “Keeping You and Your Business Afloat”, hosted by the SAJR, Herschel Jawitz and Excel Academy, provided business owners with astounding information to deal with the implications of COVID-19.

The panellists consisted of ORT Jet’s manager, Helene Itzkin and legal and business experts  such as Hugh Raichlin, Larry Dave, Allon Raiz, Benji Shulman, Errol Freeman, Geoff Lee, Anastasia Haji-Pavlou, Paul Bacher and Cilna Steyn, each giving their contribution by sharing information and services available with the community.

How to access certain funds, government loans, how Rambam can assist with an interest free loan, the innovative ways to improve your cash flow by selling vouchers and much more- were all relevant topics addressed in the Webinar.

Helene Itzkin, ORT Jet manager was a sterling representative for our team and shared what we have been up to ensure that the ORT Jet businesses and alike will receive support from us in order to thrive on the other side of COVID-19 lockdown. Our mentors, facilitators and the ORT Jet committee have responded quickly and will continue to offer support, she added.

Helene discussed the ORT Jet Business Rescue Initiative that was formed to help small businesses navigate through this period by assisting them with completing government documentation, providing overall support in the rigorous process while also adhering to individual needs- all with the primary goal in mind: helping people gain access to government and social funding.

Helene said that “we never turn anyone down” and we will do our best to assist people where needed and continue to empower businesses in the community.  The only way OUT is together, she added.

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