One of ORT Jet’s 69 training sessions for 2019 was facilitated by Caryn Katz, an Alexander Technique Teacher and Voice Coach. She demonstrated how to bring Space, Ease & Freedom into everything that we do. The technique is a way to become more self- aware to have a more clear sense of ourselves in the moment. One must “re-learn, undo and refresh some habits that are running the show,” says Caryn.

“What would it feel like to be totally comfortable in your body? To feel light and easy in movement? To be able to negotiate stress and the vagaries of every day life with conscious control of yourself? Alexander Technique is a way to learn how to do whatever you are doing, moment to moment, whether in stillness or in movement, with thoughtful ease and grace.

It is not a set of dos and don’ts. It is not a set of exercises. Unless we consciously integrate our responses to our environment then daily life can erode our innate sense of balance, co-ordination and power. The technique gives us the tools to bring practical intelligence into what we are already doing; how to eliminate stereotyped responses, how to deal with habit and change.

It is learning how to stop, notice the habit, invite your innate intelligence to the fore and direct toward better use.”- Caryn Katz

As further described by Caryn, The Alexander Technique is:

  • A way of becoming aware and letting go of tension throughout your body.
  • A re education so that you learn how to use your body in a more appropriate way and avoid putting stress on the bones, joints and internal organs.
  • A process by which you know yourself better, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.
  • A way of making real choices in your life, rather than acting habitually to any given situation.
  • A way of understanding how the body is naturally designed to work and learning how to stop interfering with these natural functions.
  • A technique which you can practice, with the help of lessons, that you can bring about harmony and contentment in your life.

What a beautiful and relaxing session to end off the 2019 ORT Jet training.