Many thanks to Lori Milner, David Zidel, Michael Harf, Dina Diamond and Ronnie Kagan for their amazing ORT JET Business Breakthrough Bootcamp sessions!

What was covered:

Lori Milner:

Maximise your personal presence
Leverage the power of your personal brand
Physical brand: verbal and non-verbal clues
Virtual brand: email, phone and social media
Interpersonal brand: stress and conflict management
Social brand: networking and social relationships

David Zidel:

Income statements
Balance sheets
Mark-up vs margins

Dina Diamond:

What is marketing?
What is a brand?
The 4 P’s / 7 P’s
The target market
Competitive Analysis
Selceting the right channels
Social media

Michael Harf:

Facebook Marketing; copy optimisation, audience creation, lead generation
Google Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Intro, PPC crash course

Ronnie Kagan:

Critical constraints
What is an objection?
The Parthenon Principle
The Hawthorne Effect
The theory of sales process
How to address an objection
Handling complaints

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