Words elude me when it comes to thanking you and your dynamic team for hosting ORT JET and King David Linksfield High School at The Liquid Studio today.

A Start Up Canvas workshop was facilitated yesterday morning with the Grade 9 pupils that attended today. The objective was to get them to think. The same session was repeated this afternoon with the Grade 8 pupils who attended the tour and I felt as though I was sitting in two entirely different sessions. The feedback received yesterday from their teacher was that they do not want to think and expect the answers to be given to them. The session this afternoon was far more interactive with the Grade 8’s were literally shouting out innovative ideas. This was the result of the amazing presentation and tour you gave the learners today.

Your presentation on what the world thought would never happen and has, gave the learners the opportunity to see that if you can dream it you can do it. We are only limited by the belief in ourselves and innovative ideas are all it takes in a rapidly changing world. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower and we thank you for igniting the spark in each and every one of the Product Development students.

Thank you for making your disruptive technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, mixed reality and cloud architectures available for the pupils to experiment with.

Many thanks to Yolanda for her professionalism in responding to all my e-mails and for assuring that everything ran smoothly today. The registration process was seamless and she truly is a gem.

Please may I request that we receive the photos taken today by your photographer and we will ensure to send you the video that we will be putting together. You and your dynamic team of “misfits” were amazing so please thank each person involved today and we look forward to our next visit.