It was such a privilege to welcome Leonard Carr on the 22nd of June who discussed how we can live fully through such uncertainty and develop emotional coping strategies during this time.

Leonard is a clinical psychologist in private practice and his vision is to enable individuals and relationships through the pursuit of human dignity.  He has close to forty years of experience in counselling in diverse and varied clinical and organisational settings.

He mentioned in the Webinar that there really is a constant shift in reality.  There are different layers and emotions experienced as the result of the Pandemic and we need to check in with our emotions on a continuous basis. This involves a tremendous amount of self-awareness in order for us to attend to our emotions when they arise.

“Suffering is optional. Discomfort is inevitable. We suffer when we tell ourselves something is other than what it is. The resistance to this reality is a cause of suffering.” said Leonard

If you would like to watch the recording, please click on the link below: