We thank the community for being part of our meaningful Call-a-thon Fundraiser, that took off on the 3rd and 4th of May. From the moment the clock struck 9 on day one, our team of dedicated of volunteer callers were on our phone lines. We got ready for take-off with balloons in the air and bouncy tunes, as hundreds of calls were dialled out to donors.

The goal was to raise R1M in 48 hours and enthusiasm from our callers was certainly in air!

“It was an absolute privilege to be able to give back a tiny little bit to ORT Jet for all the wonderful work they have done. For all the work they have done for me, all the mentor, learning, integrity and honesty. This is something I would like everybody to have the opportunity to experience and therefore it was just an obvious answer- to say YES and help with calls.” said an ORT Jet business, Charlene Brett

It has become increasingly more difficult to fundraise, and we are continuing to work towards our goal, we sincerely appreciate every cent pledged because it still makes such a difference.  Together with your support, our task of “facilitating business growth” has been given mileage. Thanks to you small business owners are able continue on their journey to success and self-sufficiency .Taking care of their families and not relying on welfare.

No one says it better than an ORT Jet Beneficiary who made a donation “I have attended an excellent webinar recently, as well as a couple of other very worthwhile ones. This donation is to express my gratitude, and salute you for the amazing work you do.”

“We are in partnership with our donors and mentors to offer small businesses in our community every opportunity for success. Every business that has made it through last year should be so very proud to have come through the most difficult time for business worldwide.” Says ORT Jet HOD, Helene Itzkin

“We respect and care for all individuals on our programme and have assisted them with our hands on intervention, by offering exceptional resources, business rescue initiatives and exceptional mentorship” said ORT Jet training and events coordinator, Tracey Catania.

We thank the community for being part of our meaningful Fundraiser.