Strategy implementation requires a compelling and functional approach to consolidate the company’s focus and direction.  Ian Mann emphasised in his Strategy Bootcamp session on the 5th of March that you cannot operate a business without a functional strategy. All participants were brought to a common understanding of the importance of strategy which they can implement in their businesses

Ian Mann always has a way of conveying the subject in a clear and effective manner. We are always extremely grateful to him for the time he gives to us and for sharing his wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise on the topic.

“I found this very inspiring especially in view of getting my life’s work off the ground as of December 2019.  My key insight was why all the previous theories of strategy do no work and what I need to do to make it work.  Ian is a brilliant facilitator” Lorainne Silverman

“I thought strategy was something else.  I now understand what we need to look for and at how to re-inforce our current unspoken strategy,  We are looking forward to working with Ian on our strategy” Renato Dequcinis

“Ian spoke well and explained what functional strategy is extremely clearly.  He provoked thoughts about functional strategy in my business.  I achieved all my learning objectives” Rinat Dequcinis