The “What is Selling” and “adding more in use value than you take in cash value” is an extremely interesting concept and the stress on the importance of customer satisfaction is a topic that should be of pivotal focus in every small or large business today. The lesson is that both the business and customer benefit if you get the sale and the businesses should spend more time creating the value of generating sales for their clients.

The time quadrants that you included is not only a business lesson learnt but a life lesson. People spend too much time in the waste quadrant on technology and thank you for stressing the importance of using our time effectively. The “what we focus on” and what we bring to reality is so powerful. The analogy from the Hawthorne Effect “Attention is the key to life” and “The very act of observing behaviour changes improves the result” was extremely beneficial. Time allocation in our lives should be practiced consistently with the different types of time management techniques being utilized and practiced daily. The spectrum discussed is broad and are aspects that we tend to neglect.

“People don’t care about how much you know until the know how much you care” was one of the most valuable lessons that you shared. Thank you for contributing to a healthier business environment. People often underestimate the importance of focusing on time, personal branding, dealing with fear and other people’s opinions causing us to place limitations on ourselves. Thank you for imparting that the most important part of today is what you do from now. We are grateful for the time and preparation you put into the session to make it both motivating and inspiring. Your section on keeping a journal was extremely valuable and as imparted if life is worth living it is worth recording.

I have listed below some of the comments received from the attendees and the valuable lessons and learning that they took away with them:

“The session met all my expectations and was extremely effective in helping me learn. Ronnie is dynamic and riveting”

“What an interesting and different, fresh approach to people and relationships. I understood how to look for ways to add value and stay in touch and build relationships”

“What a great and intuitive session which was kept alive and interesting and delivered professionally”

“I learnt how to manage business objectives, the importance of tracking time and referrals. Ronnie was extremely effective in helping me learn more about sales”

“It was an excellent session with some many new insights in people, business, time management and decision making”

“It is so important to keep in touch with clients and evaluate situations. What a great experience and very knowledgeable mentor”

“My specific learning was that it is vital to put fundamental steps into selling and ongoing sales with existing clients. It is important to listen to clients and the session was informative and valuable”

We really appreciate that you made a difference in the lives of our ORT JET businesses and mentors and thank you once again for the session.