Oscar Wilde said, “The smallest act of kindness is worth the greatest intention”. Your continuous kindness, professionalism and time is deeply appreciated by ORT JET and you impart a greatness of knowledge to our businesses. I would like to thank you most sincerely for facilitating the first Business Breakthrough Bootcamp for 2018. You set the bar high for all the speakers to follow in these sessions.

Your session was highly effective and interactive and we so appreciate the valuable lessons you impart to every attendee. Thank you for assisting ORT JET by empowering the mentees on our programme and contributing to a healthier business environment. People often underestimate the importance of personal branding, not realizing they are the brand. We are grateful for the time and preparation you put into the session to make it both motivating and inspiring.

The feedback post your session was phenomenal and each attendee took away extremely valuable learnings. Listed below some of the comments:
My specific learning that I take away from the session is to be good to people. The session was extremely useful and effective in helping me learn” 

The content will be extremely useful going forward and I learnt stop, start and continue. The session was so well prepared and delivered professionally

I learnt the importance of your personal brand and how to develop it. It met all my expectations
A great bootcamp to own your space at a multidimensional level” 

Rich in information on how to brand oneself. I take away the lesson of using opportunities wisely. All content will be used going forward

Very useful and interesting. My specific learning was verbal and non-verbal importance. It is more important how you say something than what you say. Lori showed such support and the effectiveness in helping me learn was excellent” 

Very well structured and great content. I learn about self-awareness and perception

So impressive and thought provoking. What an eye opener, I would recommend this session to everyone. Brilliant

I learnt about client engagement and if I had to summarize the workshop I would say informative. What an alive, interesting session” 

My learning was to push your boundaries, network more and get over your fear. Stay true to yourself. It definitely met all my expectations” 

Your greatest brand is yourself and we need to evolve to become more effective. Lori was supportive and the session was professional and interesting 

We really appreciate that you made a difference in the lives of our ORT JET businesses and thank you once again for the session.