On the 29th of November, Janet Goldblatt, hosted by ORT JET, ran the last face-to-face networking event for the year. The focus behind this event was to help those in attendance to be the leaders of their future. In this article, we highlight the critical parts of this event:

Throughout her life, Janet found strength and purpose in adversity, which positioned her to turn experience into expertise by facilitating growth and leadership. She utilizes her knowledge with various leaders and their forums, teams and businesses by guiding them through a process to optimize their teams’ dynamics and the efficiency of their businesses.

To start the session, Janet had placed archetypal cards face down on the tables, and the purpose behind this was to prompt the guests to speak about who they were. Each person then introduced themselves by mentioning their names, occupations, what their archetypal card said, and if the card had suited them or not. Surprisingly, 95% of the participants said that their archetype resonates with them.

Following this, Janet placed leadership archetypes on the ground. The purpose behind this was to prompt the guests to make decisions for the future. She instructed the guests to stand on the archetype where they felt most comfortable. After that, she wrote down some personal questions such as: “What is my intention for next year?”, “What are the obstacles/patterns to be broken?” and “How does this archetype help you to achieve your goal?”. In reviewing these questions, the guests chose an archetype that helped them to overcome obstacles such as financial setbacks and fear, to name a few.

In closing, Janet encouraged all the guests to work on certain personality traits that need improvement to be the best version of themselves and always maintain a positive outlook.

Our thanks went out to Janet Goldblatt for a networking session that was so inspirational. We are in control of our future if we start breaking down negative patterns today. What we do today only moves us closer to our goals. Thus, remember that leadership is more than a position; it is also a set of actions.