ORT Jet mentors, facilitators and panel member’s give of their time willingly and generously to the businesses on the ORT Jet programme. These individuals were acknowledged for their dedication at the Sasfin ORT Jet Annual Awards Ceremony, held on the 18th of November 2020.

Ian Mann, Founder and Managing Director of Gateways Human Resource Development; author of the best-selling books “Managing with Intent” and “Strategy that Works” has been a valuable mentor and facilitator for ORT Jet over many years.

His Strategy Masterclasses has assisted ORT Jet businesses and training participants to create a business strategy that works. He has mentored businesses through challenging times using his wealth of knowledge on strategy to guide them.

Recently, Ian also shared his work journey and key discoveries learnt throughout his career at one of ORT Jet’s exclusive events, “In the boardroom” held on the 10th of November.

In addition, ORT Jet has been running think tanks with professional mentors to structure a mentor enrichment programme to add to the mentors’ skillsets. Ian has been an instrumental part of these, providing valuable training and sharing his expertise. This they would pass on to the businesses they mentor.

We are proud to announce Ian Mann as the Mentor of the year winner for 2020! We thank him for enriching the ORT Jet Programme.