In the Olden Days I used to try and write my newsletters about something topical and relevant. I’d refer to events or development or the general Zeitgeist. But no one wants to read (or write) about the current events anymore. Because the same event has been current for 18 or more months now! There’ve been a few developments (variants, vaccines, virulent anti-vaxxers) but on the whole it’s been same old, same old.

To try and inject some variety into your reading (and my writing) experience, this month I present to you one of my favourite coaching tools: Niggles and Treats. It helps to address drudgery and day-after-day-ness and inject some joy and variety into our lives:
Make a list of all the things that require some effort and attention from you to resolve, the things that are lurking around in the back of your mind and looming over you. These are your Niggles and could include things like making an appointment to see the dentist, tidying your desk, cleaning out the grocery cupboard… Big or small, if it is niggling at you write it down and commit to addressing one Niggle a week.

Every time we cross an item off our Niggles list by addressing the things that we have been avoiding, we free up our time and energy and headspace for other, more pleasant things – including Treats.

Now, make a separate list of all the things that you can think about that make you feel cosseted and cherished. Anything that feels like a Treat and lifts your mood. The kinds of things I have on my Treats list include: walking barefoot on soft grass, reading my twitter feed and rejoicing in seeing the vaccine numbers go up, having a nap, listening to the purr of my cats, watching the bees in the spring flowers….You will notice that they require little effort and even less in the way of resources. Easy and impactful is how I like my Treats.

In order for the Treats to do their job and make us feel coddled and comforted, we need to be mindful when we are experiencing them so that we can give ourselves permission to really enjoy and make the most of the experience. Be intentional about using the Treat to notice and appreciate wins and your woes; to reward yourself for getting through the day, or to comfort yourself if you are struggling. Please give yourself a minimum of one Treat a day and as many as you think you need.

September is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. I hope that you will be able to Spring Clean some Niggles and make way for lots of Treats.

Judy x