There is little I find as irritating as all the “New Year, New You” messaging we are subjected to from December to February every year.

Unless you believe in reincarnation and are planning your next visit to earth in a whole different guise, there is no such thing as a ‘new you’. You are who you are. As I always tell my clients, we can’t (and nor do we want to) change who we are but we can change how we are. 

We can change how we respond to things. How we treat ourselves (and others). We can change the choices we make. The actions we take. The thoughts we think. The beliefs we believe…

We can change the views we have – in both senses of the word. We can change the things we look at as well as how we look at things.

This year, why don’t you give yourself a new view? Consciously choose a new view on or of something(s) that have been causing boredom or discomfort. Change what you look at and/or change how you look at things:

Put a potplant on your windowsill
Rearrange the furniture
Give something or someone another chance
Learn about something new
See yourself differently

You can’t become a new you, but you can create and embrace a new view. 

I’ve taken a new view on how I do my work; in addition to coaching individuals and teams, I want to do more writing this year.
I’ve also created a new view by choosing a different place to do my writing in; a place that looks onto grass and trees and plants and flowers and dragonflies and butterflies and bees.

So far, this new year, new view stuff is pretty ok. 

What new view will you be taking this year?

I’m back at work and seeing clients again and am planning my next few months and what workshops I’ll be offering. Look out for next month’s newsletter which will contain news about what’s coming up and what to look out for.

Until then, enjoy your new year and new view.