Testimonials of the Kind David Students when they visited the Liquid Studios at Accenture

To the ORT and Accenture Liquid Studio team,

Firstly thank you for the privilege of letting us visit your amazing studio.
I was completely blown away by what I saw, heard and learnt.

We are always telling students to “think out the box”, “try to think creatively”, be innovative when “solving a problem”. I think that our visit to Accenture made students realise HOW they can do this.

It’s a daunting task trying to prepare students for jobs that don’t even exist yet!
Our experience at Accenture made us think more about the way students should be equipped for the future, though lessons at school and outside the classroom.

It was truly incredible for me to see the “real personality” of some of my students come to the fore for the first time. While some of the discussions and ideas on what the future could be, took me completely out of my comfort zone, this is what really excited the students.

Your activities, equipment and live interaction with the students on the day was an invaluable experience for them, nothing close to what I can offer them in my classroom. They thoroughly enjoyed every experience you presented from virtual cricket, a mining experience using VR goggles, drones, and augmented reality.

A special thank you to the team from Accenture that entertained and answered all the gaming questions, all the “what if” questions about Artificial Intelligence and the many ideas from our students on jobs of the future. We wanted to share some comments from our students on their experience:


Student’s feedback:

“We really enjoyed going to and being at the Accenture Liquid Studio as it showed us how technology is so influential on everything we need today. It made us realise how necessary it is to think out the box and that there is so much more to innovate. We enjoyed every minute that they we were at Accenture. It gave us new ways to think about and approach everyday things and how to be more constructive in our thinking.”

Sacha Adler, Madision Feldman, Kerri Markowitz, Aidan Sack

“Our experience at Accenture Liquid Studio was amazing! Everyone was so happy to have us there, answer our questions and interact with us. We felt like we belonged there. It was incredible to see how technology has changed and to meet people that are involved in such clever innovations as part of their job. My experience at Accenture helped motivate me to develop my product for my elective.”

Natanya Gaddin, Dani Beinhart, Adir Krengel, Ethan Kaplan

“Our experience at Accenture was very enjoyable and life changing. It felt like we were walking into the future. The things they have produced and the technology they have available are remarkable. We were so lucky to experience the advanced technology of virtual cricket using VR goggles, augmented reality, Holo Lens, Block Chain, 3D printers, drones. We were also involved in a session where we starting thinking about the future and inventing jobs which could become a reality someday.”

Doron Romberg, Alon Rahamim, Cody Levy

“We thought it was very interesting. We saw a robot, a drone that can connect to virtual reality, a computer system that works like a human brain and a virtual reality cricket game. They taught us about a futuristic chance for humans and how our dream creations can be made. We really enjoyed our outing.”

Jenna Nathan, Tyla Heilbrunn, Gabi Berkman, Teagen Zulberg

“Our visit was an eye-opener and was extremely interesting, we used virtual reality glasses and we learnt about how the future could be.”

Liah Abrams, Erin Heilbrunn, Leah Nagle, Adam Shainfeld