ORT JET Mentors, Businesses and Trainers hit the bullseye



The Annual ORT JET award ceremony took place on Thursday, 23 November, at the newly-renovated ORT SA offices.

Following a brief overview by Steve Zagey (ORT SA and ORT JET Trustee), Nick Christelis (Managing Partner of Nick Christelis and Associates, a consultancy specialising in aligning strategy, people and performance) rocketed into his speech for the evening. Nick was fascinating as he vibrantly discussed what being a leader really means. With decades of experience, he delved into the attributes of a leader, using general and personal anecdotes to illustrate his points. He also discussed areas of his book ‘The Art of the Arrow: How Leaders Fly’ and many life lessons from himself and others.

Comparing leaders to an arrow, Nick broke down the components of an arrow:

The arrow-head gives intention, direction and leading. At the tip of the arrow head there is purpose, which answers the question “Why are we doing what we are doing? Why are we here?”

Following purpose comes vision. As Nick very aptly clarifies, “Your vision is a mental image of what your life will be like if you are living your purpose,”

Lastly is strategy. “The broad, overall strategy is how you are going to get to where you are going,” Nick explains.

The shaft pushes the arrow, which translates to the management and execution. Managers have goals, plans and behaviour. One cannot work without the other. “Human beings don’t want to be managed, they want to be led,” said Nick.

The fletchings are stability, resonating with company values. These keep the arrow stable, they keep your journey on its correct course.

As the applause settled, the ORT JET Businesses, Mentors and Trainers streamed forward as the moment had arrived to name the nominees. The ORT premises were filled with top mentors and businesses, nominated for Business and Mentor of the Year 2017. The prizes? Two brand new Floating Trophies to celebrate the winners, including certificates, books and gift packs.

Very big congratulations to the winners:

1) The ORT JET Business of the Year Award – Robert Horowitz (Plastics Direct)

“I would like to thank ORT JET for everything they have done. I’ve been with ORT JET for about 5 years. It’s not a quick-term fix to be involved with ORT JET. You need to grow and develop with them…I think ORT JET is a great organisation and I’m looking forward to future growth,” – Robert Horowitz

2) The Sheldon Cohen ORT JET Mentor of the Year Award – Ian Janet (Coaching and Mentoring for High Performance)

“I’ve been involved with ORT JET for many, many years and it’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege being involved with an organisation where we can work one-on-one, or in groups, with people … I enjoy working one-on-one because of the impact you can have on a person’s life, especially at ORT JET, where most of the businesses are individuals. Working one-on-one, you are not only helping the business and the impact that the business has on the economy and on everyone else, but the person as well … and the impact that has on the world…It [ORT JET] is an incredible organisation. It’s a great privilege to be involved,” – Ian Janet

Ronnie Kagan (Closing the Deal) gave an exhilarating elevator-pitch following the awards, cleverly explaining various lessons and how to ‘close the deal’ through the eyes of a child wanting a cookie. The event was brought to a close by Helene Itzkin (ORT JET Manager and ORT SA Business Development Manager).


Nominees and Thanks

Nominees for the ORT JET Business of the Year 2017 were:

• Nadine Hocter (Sheer Bliss)

• Nadine and Harry Meyerowitz (Western Gas)

• Adam Swartz (Stickman Group)

• Lance Katz (Intellivet)

• Orit Taback (Orit’s Bakery)

• Mishanth Ardithpersad (Strata Game Changers)

• Brandon Blumenau (Dreyer Linen)

• David Kitley (Infinomatix)

• Robert Horowitz (Plastics Direct)

Nominees for The Sheldon Cohen ORT JET Mentor of the Year 2017 were:

• Steve Hochfeld (Hochfeld Grains)

• Ian Davis (Industrial Development Corporation)

• Mike Said (MikeSaidWhat?)

• Michael Harf (Aquaspresso)

• Gary Epstein (Quickbooks)

• Ian Janet (Coaching and Mentoring for High Performance)

• Orenna Krut

• Sally Liebowitz

• Ian Mann (Gateways Business Consultants)


ORT JET would like to extend thanks to its sponsors:

• Flowers from Saskia Bandd (The Florist Johannesburg)

• Nougat from Mark Sack (Sally Williams Fine Honey Nougat)

• Ice-cream from Chani Lavine (Gellatisimo Ice Cream)

• Photography by Adasah Flaum (Picture Every Moment Photography)

• Nick Christelis for his keynote address and books

• Books from Ian Mann (Gateways Consultants)


ORT JET extends a big thank you to the 2017 trainers:

• Michael Harf

• Dina Cramer

• Mike Said

• Jona Blecher

• Ian Mann

• Sarah Malape

• Lori Milner

• Ian Janet

• Dina Diamond

• Ronnie Kagan

• Mel Stamelman

• Jacqui Martheze

• Justin Berman

• Elaine Harman

• Angela Hardy

• Erich Viedge

• Natan Pollack

• Nadia Lang

• David Zidel

• Caryn Katz

Last but certainly not least, many thanks to the ORT JET Panel Members:

• Steve Hochfeld

• Philip Rabinowitz

• Robert Cohen

• Errol Hurwitz

• Steve Zagey

• Ellis Falkof

• Frank Davidson

• Rowan Swartz

• Clive Richards


View the video of the ORT JET Business of the Year 2017 Nominees HERE

View the video of the Sheldon Cohen ORT JET Mentor of the Year 2017 Nominees HERE

View the full event video HERE