For the first time ever, ORT Jet brought Graphic Design to our participants, facilitated by Nicholas Nesbitt, lecturer from Vega School of Brand Leadership. He provided us with an in-depth presentation about the field and imparted invaluable knowledge on the world of Graphic Design with true professionalism and passion.

He explained that Graphic Design is about understanding the consumer, a reflection of our world, must change for the audience and is ever changing. He went through the theory of design and that it is a form of communication “a good design is understanding the consumer” he said. He explained that “colour is science” taking us through the importance of the colour wheel.  The participants all had a wealth of insight about the creative process through his presentation including which programmes to use.

Below is a breakdown of feedback from some participants:

“An excellent Graphic Design session.  Nicholas prepared and delivered an excellent session.  I was enthralled the entire evening and particularly enjoyed the 10 principles of Graphic Design” Andrea Girling

“My key learning were design layout, colour blends and hierarchy.  The creative process was very interesting and Nicholas is such a well prepared facilitator” Iza Grek

“Excellent, excellent. It was a great, extremely helpful session.  The lessons will be used going forward and was very useful.  Nicholas kept the session alive and interesting and was very supportive” Stephen Polliack