Our first ever ORT Jet Zoom-a-thon

The buzz is here as ORT Jet passengers board our Jet flight, to raise R1 million at our Call-a-thon Fundraiser. On the 5th and 6th of May from 9am-6pm. We are seeking volunteers to call their networks and reach the community. Contact lists will also be provided by ORT Jet for them to call.

The event is two-fold. We are in need of volunteers to ask for donations and for donors to make a donation leading up to the event or on the day.

JETsetters will be flying with us to a goal which is to raise R1M in 48 hours

Those involved can expect a day of excitement as volunteers collectively raise money for a good cause. One can expect amazing prizes to be won as well.

And to students out there, this is their time to shine. By volunteering at our call-a-thon, students will have the opportunity to receive community service hours. Students will need to register on www.communityservicesahours.co.za. 

Why get involved?

ORT Jet has impacted so many lives. “We respect and care for all individuals on our programme and have assisted them with our hands on intervention, by offering exceptional resources, business rescue initiatives and exceptional mentorship” said training and events coordinator, Tracey Catania.

In addition, while keeping in line with their mission which is to facilitate business growth, the team adapted swiftly to the Global Pandemic in 2020 to continue empowering and guiding businesses.

“Small local businesses need our support more than ever before. The part you play will not only help our community businesses survive, but you will feel amazing by having helped others” said ORT Jet HOD, Helene Itzkin

On behalf of the ORT Jet Team, we thank the community for being part of something so meaningful. Your continued support and generous donations help us keep sustainable.

Volunteers will need to register on either of the following links and choose a timeslot.



Please email lauri@ortjet.org.za for enquiries or visit www.ortjet.org.za