It’s December! We made it!

Congratulations for surviving the many and varied challenges that you have had to endure this YORC (year of relentless challenges).

Honestly, I think we are all fed up, wrung out and plain old exhausted by 2020. So, my last newsletter of the year is going to be short and sweet because no-one has the time, energy or inclination for more than a few bullet points right now…

  • For most people in most of the world, this has been a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad” year;
  • We all deserve a gold star just for getting through it.
  • I’ve created a fun and light-hearted tool to help you evaluate your year and think about what and how to do things differently next year. The 2020 report card is thought-provoking (in a very gentle way), fun, pretty and – best of all – free! All you need to do to get it is sign up here (don’t worry if you already receive my newsletter, you won’t get it twice).
  • The end is in sight but is not yet here – we need to stay vigilant to stay healthy.
  • Covid-19 has been an enormous contributor to our exhaustion and overwhelm, but in many instances this pesky pandemic hasn’t created the emotional and energetic challenges that people have been faced with in this time as much as it has magnified them. Read more in my latest blog.
  • Over the holidays and into the new year, please don’t allow yourself to be pressured into spending more than you have, whether it is time, energy, money, goodwill or anything else.
  • Take time every day to connect with yourself and listen to what your inner voice is asking for.
  • Rest as much as possible.
  • Be careful out there.
  • Have a good, safe and healthy break.

See you in the new year which I hope will be one of recovery, renewal and regeneration for all of us.