Are you the kind of person who listens to your gut? Are you sensitive to ‘signs’ around you and then guided by the messages? Or do you think it’s way too Woo Woo and see it as something that only new age hippies would do?

I have to confess (in case you didn’t read it in my blog “Birthing a Bird”), I am the former. In fact, it’s probably one of the biggest impacts Covid had on me. The way I dealt with the loss and fear of the unknown was to come to terms with ‘I don’t know’ and then surrender to whatever unfolded. In my experience – the more I listen, the more I hear and see the flashes of messages that appear and when I follow to them, an incredible path seems to open up…

Before you dismiss me as a crazy person, it turns out I’m not losing the plot because Neuroscience is beginning to see the value of ‘the hunch’ and how it can help improve grit, optimism and resilience.

Take a listen to this excerpt from Richard Roll’s amazing podcast: “Lisa Miller, PhD On The Neuroscience of Spirituality”
Lisa Miller, PhD is a leading psychologist and scientist on spirituality, mental health and flourishing. She is a Columbia Professor & NYT Bestselling Author.

Honour your Hunch – YouTube

So what do you think? I’d love your feedback. If you you’re intrigued, you can listen to the entire podcast HERE.

Wishing you a day of synchronicity and joy.


PS – If you haven’t read my blog about  my first-hand experience with synchronicity, you can read “Birthing a Bird” HERE.