ORT JET thank you most sincerely for being the guest speaker of our In The Boardroom Session last night.
The story that you shared starting from your journey through IT and the Telecoms Industry from the 1960’s was both motivating and inspiring.

Your professionalism and the gentle manner in which you responded to a brilliantly facilitated session by Nicki Seberini was so touching and we thank you for sharing your personal stories with us.
You had the opportunity to “catch three waves” which included the PC wave, cellphone and black economic empowerment wave and continuously said it was not just a matter of luck. You were out there looking for great opportunities all the time and put in all the very hard work and dedication.

The comments on timing resonated with every single participant in the session and you said the timing in your life had so much to do with your huge successes.
You are so humble and when you spoke about Vodacom getting 50,000 subscribers and the huge party you had it was moving. Your stories about Madiba and your relationship with him were stimulating and throughout your journey you met so many amazing people.

Again, we thank you for the highly successful and interactive session and we so appreciate the valuable lessons you imparted Thank you for assisting ORT JET by empowering the mentees and businesses on our programme and contributing to a healthier business environment.

People often underestimate the importance of hearing success stories and we are grateful for the time and preparation you put into the session to make it so effective and for your wonderful story of success.