July is generally a month that allows us to take things a little more gently. Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and things are starting to slow down as the temperatures heat up. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are deep into Winter and the rhythm of longer nights and shorter days that comes with the colder months.

It is a perfect time to decelerate, turn towards ourselves, and get more rest – something I prescribe to all my coaching clients.

Last night, someone at the Johannesburg launch of Recover from Burnout asked me what I meant by ‘rest’. More specifically, he asked what rest looks like, and what constitutes rest.

What a great question.
Because rest means different things to different people.

For some, rest means changing into pyjamas and getting into bed. For others, it means going to a yoga class. Or meditating. Or having a massage. Reading a book you can lose yourself in. Watching a medical-soapie or a rom-com. Painting, potting or colouring in…

I think that getting more rest means doing more of anything that is restful and restorative for you; anything that leaves you feeling calm, relaxed and energised.

I’m going to be needing lots of rests this month as both Recover from Burnout and Recover from Your Childhood have hit the real and virtual shelves (both internationally and nationally) and are causing quite a stir. From making the Daily Maverick’s “Books South Africans are talking about list” this week, to having the Jozi launch last night, to being interviewed for various articles and media, I am happily in my element – talking about Burnout to anyone who will listen (and happily that’s a lot of people right now). We’ll be having another launch/event/party at the Exclusive Books in Gateway, Durban on 18 July and I’d love to see you there if you are in the area.

Whether it’s reading a book (or series of books – or maybe even Recover from Burnout) in your jim-jams, walking the Camino or having an afternoon nap every day, I hope that you are able to find the time to get some meaningful and uplifting rest this month.