Okay, we all know that no business can succeed without marketing, but how you go about it is a key factor. Advertising in traditional media will no longer cut it, and messaging must be careful not to step on the sensitivities of minority groups.

Make it transparent

Over the past few years, brands have put some attention into transparency and allowing customers to get a look-in behind the scenes. The intention is to win trust and inspire loyalty among customers.

Transparency will likely grow in direct proportion to the upscaling of issues; think carbon footprint, think plastic overuse, chemical abuse, environmental responsibility etc. You want to know that your olive oil is processed in green fields with no chemical inputs.

Brand loyalty is no longer just brand awareness.

Social Media

Social media has morphed from a space to share trivia, top hits and favourite movies to a marketing essential. Now social media is as much part of strategy as all the other elements of the marketing mix.  Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, are eating up their share of the marketing spend pie.

Statistics illustrate that social media advertising grows by 40% every year.

Curate your own content

Consumers want to see, literally, what brands are up to. Videos of activations as social media posts and images, texts to explain product benefits – these are all ways to engage and interact with a customer base.

They particularly want to see real-time and experience-oriented content instead of fabricated make-believe stories – this has been the route of advertising for the past five years.

Bank on BIG DATA

It’s scary what you can do with Big Data but if you don’t use it you could be left out in the cold.

Yes, you can market to the profile of your users to the extent that you can present them with their favourite drink at the time of day when they are most likely to be thirsty.

It’s a marketing no-brainer. But you need the brains at the back end to set up the data files and then mine them so that you can interpret the results and apply what you learn from them.

Offer an APP

Few things guarantee customer attention more than an APP. An APP is all about you and the enhanced functionality you can offer around your brand or the sales process related to your brand.

There is no better way than an APP to get consumer loyalty.

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