Thanks Dave for an outstanding session!

For those who do not know about Dave’s experience and accomplishments, Dave is:
• A free-lance lecturer in finance and accounts at the Wits Business School in Johannesburg, South Africa
• An Author of 2-books: “Basic Business calculations” and “Life on the run – 18 steps to success”. The basic business calculations book has sold over 17,000 copies and the Life on the run book has sold in excess of 9,000 copies.
• A business coach to small businesses
• Founded and sold a Finance business
• Developing an E-learning financial training solution.

The session answered vital questions one should know for their business, namely:
What is an income statement?
What is a balance sheet?
How do the Income statement & Balance sheet “talk” to each other?
What key ratios should we focus on?
How can you perform better in your business?
How can we focus on business instead of busyness?

This is what the businesses had to say:
“I gained an understanding of business lingo that always overwhelmed me” – Sara Edelman
“Well presented and gave me an understanding of balance sheets” – Brenda Eidelman
“Great training material and participative group work” – Rachelli Levy Bukris
“Excellent training material with practical material and group work” – Steven Mann
“A great workshop and effective in helping me learn” – Harold Meyerowitz
“Would love another session on cash flow analysis and stock control” – Nadine Meyerowitz
“Extremely interesting and simplified, informative and enlightening” – David Demby
“The workshop was precise and clear and finance made more sense” – Tshepo Mangoele
“Very professionally presented” – Gerald Lilian

Don’t miss his session at the next ORT JET Business Breakthrough Bootcamp. Keep posted for details…

You can view the 70-second session video on our YOUTUBE channel.