“Pass the popcorn please! I’m tuning into JETFLIX because I want to learn anything, at anytime and anywhere I want. The world of wonder awaits with so much to learn. I just can’t wait!”

With a variety of educational talks to learn from and implement, you are sure to find something that tickles your popcorn taste buds!

ORT Jet welcomes anyone in the community to an array of business talks and training sessions designed to challenge you and develop your skillsets. These are facilitated by expert professionals across many industries, you can trust that what you are learning is skill-packed, relevant, and enriching.

The talks were usually held at the fabulous ORT House training academy, where no one went home hungry with the delicious refreshments on offer. This was a home for all. And most importantly, a place to network, learn and grow.

Since lockdown hit 2020, JET setters were suddenly home-bound, which brought the rise of JETFLIX, in less than 24hours. This is known as the ORT Jet Youtube Channel, which consists of training webinars streamed from their online sessions.

Luckily, our fellow JET Setters could still learn with us from the comfort of their homes.

Before we knew it, they got clicking to register for events, people from all over- other countries included, got clicking away too. Suddenly, our Zoom rooms were full with all sorts of studious participants!

And so we were JET setting together

Whether you are looking to delight your customers, be inspired by others, become a social media guru, polish your CV, build your personal brand or give Excel a bash – JETFLIX is open to you, so remember to tune in and choose what you want.

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