Every month I hope to come up with something inspiring, uplifting and/or thought-provoking to write about in my newsletter. And every month there seems to be less to be enthused and more to be appalled by.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that it’s not all bad. And it really isn’t. There’s lots to celebrate and feel joyful about if we look in the right places. And for me, the right places are the young places.

Our very own Ndlovu Youth Choir  may not have won America’s Got Talent, but they won the admiration of millions of people around the world, the hearts and minds of millions more, and a recording contract with Simon Cowell. They are definitely something to celebrate.

Greta Thunberg is another young person who has won the admiration, support and respect of millions (and millions). The 16-year old is standing up to all sorts of bullies, making herself heard and bringing about profound change.

Major Mandisa Noncebo Mfeka, the first female fighter pilot in the South African Airforce. Young scientists. Young inventors. Young writers

It is the youth who will take us to a brighter future. They are the “Hope – the thing with feathers” that Emily Dickinson speaks of.

This October, and going forward, I am looking to the youth for peace and hope and inspiration.