• “After attending the course at Ort Jet I’ve implemented everything I’ve learnt at the course into my business and I experience brilliant results.” – Etti Weltsman
  • “The value I did receive from my mentors was to confirm that my thinking around running a business was sound. This was one of the things that was a concern for me. They gave me the confidence to know that I was on the right track.” – Ashley Buchalter
  • “At present I feel like I am in ‘control’ and on track. I am in a quandary as to whether to leave the mentoring program as I have benefitted beyond measure from it. The nurturing, acessable knowledge and advice I receive from it enables me to feel confident and secure.” – Roleen Selby
  •  “This marvellous organisation focuses on mentoring their members and helping them to grow their businesses. Our first mentor was a mediator. And yes she swiftly found the root of our problem. Exit one partner… And so came mentor number two. He came to help negotiate leases that were entered into erroneously… In the meantime we were trying to diversify and set up our website. Enter mentor number three. The internet guru. And so our website improved in leaps and bounds under his guidance. But we needed to market this new look and feel. And so arrived our marketing angel. We have called upon all these mentors over the years and they have always been there to help and guide. Their support has been immeasurable. I wonder where we would be today without them. Still miserable or not in business at all I would guess.”  – Doron Locketz and Vivienne Yudaken
  •  “I knew when I signed up for ORT JET it was the equivalent of entering ‘rehab’, to learn new and healthier habits and benefit from the experience of others. So onward and upward.”  -Taitz Buntman
  • “Thank you for the most wonderful and informative business learning course run so professionally at such a high standard I can only say that I have felt truly privileged throughout to have been a part of such a comprehensive and inspiring program. I really did not want the course to end because of the lovely atmosphere..” – Tessa Rosendorf
  • “My Mentor appears to be a great fit to the business and where the business is at the moment in terms of what the business needs etc. It was a great matching from your end and I would just like to extend my gratitude from my partners and I to you and the ORT JET team. So far ORT JET has been a bliss and we hope to continue growing together 🙂
    .” – Edwin Mungai
  • “A massive thank you to ORT JET Business Community. The training I have received has been nothing short of amazing. Trying to start a business is never easy…but the [community’s] generous and novel approach to business, leaves me feeling well supported and confident.” – Dr. Ebenezer Okyere-Dede (Kofi)