The June Solstice is fast approaching and we are bearing down on the halfway mark of the year. Typically, this is the time that many people take out their Year-To-Do List and start identifying where they are behind in their goals and objectives. It’s the time that diets are re-started, fitness regimes resumed and resolutions renewed. There’s an understandable feeling of “the year is about to end, and I haven’t even got started” that starts to fuel the anxiety and overwhelm that so many of us experience.

We become so stressed about where we still need to be and what we still need to do that we forget to celebrate where we have come from and what we have got done. And it is so important to give credit where it is due. Even when that credit is due to us. Especially when we that credit is due to us.

There are all sorts of online articles that extol the virtues of the ‘Ta-Da List’. Last year, Forbes magazine ran a piece that explained, “Instead of ending your day [or week, or month, or year] focused on the things you didn’t cross off of your to-do list, your tada list helps you celebrate the things you did.”

A Ta-Da List can feel a little uncomfortable because it so out of our usual ‘keep pushing until it is all (perfectly) done’ mindset. We tend to yes-but ourselves and shift our own goal posts. We are generous with sticks and stingy with carrots. We tend to look for what still needs to happen rather than celebrate what we have achieved.

I know I do.

Did I spend the last couple of weeks walking around with a gold star on my forehead to acknowledge the publication of my two books? (Actually, that should be two gold stars.)

No, I did not. Instead, I occupied myself by freaking out about the fact that they weren’t in the bookshops until this week, worrying that no-one will want to read them, and feeling anxious about the book launch. What a way to kill the publication satisfaction and buzz!

It has taken some re-calibration and serious self-coaching and I am happy to say I am now able to proudly announce…

TA-DA!!!!!!! Recover from Burnout and Recover from Your Childhood are now available in bookshops and online. And if you feel moved to, I’d love you to come to my book launch on 4 July (details below).

This month, I’d like to invite you to start compiling your very own Ta-Da! List. Think of everything – big, small and in-between that that you have got done so far this year. It doesn’t matter if they were on your original to-do list or not, if you’ve got it done, write it down and celebrate it.