If it is not relevant, we throw it in the bin because we all know that in order to move forward, we have to constantly bring you current training that equips you in this fast-moving world. And from an online and website perspective, this is even more necessary.

An alarming statistic is that there are there are 1,197,982,359 websites in the World as of January 2021. Naturally a performing website is what we all need. But even better, what if we can help you turn it into a Top-performing Salesperson?  

ORT Jet brings you an exciting webinar on the 19th of April from 11am-12:15pm on the topic “5 Steps to Turning your Website into your Top-Performing Salesperson””  facilitated by Eliana Cline.

Who is Eliana?

Eliana Cline is a trained conversion copywriter who writes compelling and strategic copes for the digital environment. Her skills lie in writing engaging copy for websites, end-to-end digital campaigns and email marketing. By combining the power of in-depth research + tested copywriting formulas + highly persuasive copywriting techniques; she helps you generate more leads, get more clicks, and make more money.

The exciting part is that if you participate in this webinar, you will stand a chance to be considered for a FREE website mini-audit worth R3500!

The breakdown of the session will be:

  1. Your hero section – what it should say to sell your product
  2. Using testimonials strategically to show your value
  3. Focusing on YOUR customer – not your value / mission / vision
  4. Using social proof to stay ahead of your competitors
  5. Benefits vs features and why it matters

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