All you need to do is show up and half the job is done said Lori Milner. She kick-started the ORT Jet Bootcamp classes with an enriching session on Personal Branding. All 33 participants were thoroughly informed about how important it is to be aware of our brand image and how we should brand ourselves before others can brand us. We were taught how to live the company brand values as brand ambassadors, how to walk into the room with absolute confidence, dealing with conflict and stressful situations & effective communication skills (verbal and non-verbal)

“The level of course material was excellent and Lori’s knowledge on the topic was phenomenal.  Lori was motivated and inspirational.  She knew so much about the topic and triggered ways for me to adopt my approaches” Elana Snoyman

“Lori was great, thank you for this empowering opportunity.  Her ability to motivate and inspire was incredible” Motswane Sebetola

“One of the most beneficial learnings was how personal branding can change a persons’ presentation.  It was very interesting I would like to have the opportunity to receive all the information.  Lori answered all questions and is a wonderful facilitator.” Ivo Colombo