Mentoring is a rewarding and energising experience.

Businesses benefit greatly from the ORT Jet Mentors in addition to our training sessions on offer. We have a collection of stories to showcase this impact.

Helen Maister is a member of a family-owned called business Supermarket & Retailer (Africa) (Pty) Ltd, which was founded in 1955 by her Grandfather. With the strong family history that tied the business together and its potential to grow, this became a shining ORT Jet success story.

Supermarket & Retailer brings retailers and wholesalers the latest industry news, store formats, category reports, merchandising and promotion ideas, operating efficiencies, international trends and lessons in their monthly publication.

Helen joined the ORT Jet Programme in 2018. The company was in need of help where they had to change their business model.  Business was done in the same way for decades and the model was changing rapidly. The economy and the way people absorb information had changed too.

She met with our panel of expert ORT Jet mentors who immediately came to her rescue by giving strong business advice. She was assigned a top strategy mentor, who advised her on how to create a functional strategy.  As well as a business coach, who gave her solid business guidance.

Helen was further supported with various ORT Jet training sessions on offer which would improve and supplement her skills.  Customer service and sales, web design, Bootcamp masterclasses amongst other training, gave her important tools and networking opportunities. Helen has recently been assigned a talented ORT Jet mentor and digital marketing facilitator, to assist her with marketing.

She is currently very happy on the ORT Jet programme and we wish her more positive results going forward.

“I have made many connections by attending the ORT Jet courses and I am currently working on an exciting tech start-up called Token Hunt with a contact that I made at the first ORT Jet Bootcamp I attended.” said Helen

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