Thank you most sincerely for facilitating the Mindfulness session last night for the ORT JET businesses and mentors.

It is so important to have sessions like these as the business attendees at the talk last night are currently in the 6 week Business Bootcamp sessions, have just completed a 4 week Digital Marketing course and have a number of upcoming training events. The meditation techniques that you spoke about and the self-directed practice for relaxing the body and calming the mind was the perfect session in the midst of all the training. You certainly imparted valuable knowledge on “How to shut the monkeys up” in our heads.

You continuously impart a depth of knowledge and your professionalism and time is deeply appreciated by our organization. Your wealth of experience is invaluable and your session was interactive and well prepared and delivered. Thank you for sharing your learnings of Mindfulness and imparting that it is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. We all need to learn the practice of meditation and mindfulness and the feedback post your session was fantastic.

Thank you for contributing to a healthier business environment. People often underestimate the importance of focusing in the now and calming the mind. We are grateful for the time and preparation you put into the session to make it both motivating and inspiring.

The feedback post your session was phenomenal and each attendee took away extremely valuable learnings. I have listed below some of the comments:
The world does not dictate your thoughts it is merely asking what you think. We need to use opportunities to practise mindfulness and it is unhealthy to entertain past memories or future anxiety. The session was invigorating and I now have a different perspective

I received valuable tools to become more mindful and the different ways to meditate. I understood the misconceptions about meditation and the importance of how thoughts define our experiences. This was a life changing workshop and extremely thought provoking

I need to practice the mediation technique more often and a good refresher to what meditation is

I need to become more aware of specific parts of the day and when I feel a thought I need to let it go. I learnt how important it is to appreciate the presence

Our thoughts are harmful and it is important to practice mindfulness and meditation. I learnt techniques to stay present and monitor our thinking patterns

Such an enlightening session and I would love to attend more of these sessions

Really great, what an amazing style. Some powerful quotes used which I loved. What a beautiful, enjoyable, natural and very practical workshop

Thank you for a wonderful workshop

We really appreciate that you made a difference in the lives of our ORT JET businesses and mentors and thank you once again for the session.