Get off to a good start with the growth and development of your business

ORT JET specialises in guiding businesses to financial success.

ORT JET offers a range of services to the business owner which includes mentoring, training workshops and networking opportunities.

Join the ORT JET programme if you:

    • Are a business owner or have a business idea.
    • Want to learn new skills and knowledge.
    • Are willing to seek guidance and advice.
    • Can accept responsibility for your own decisions and actions.
    • Can act on expert and objective advice if you beilieve it is correct.
    • Can implement tasks by agreed times.
    • Maintain mutual trust and respect.
    • Take initiative and set up meetings with your mentor.

Cost of the ORT JET programme:

The cost of the programme is R150 p/m.
This is a commitment fee and not the full value of the programme.

If you would like to benefit from our mentoring programme, sign up by filling in your details below.

A world of financial growth and networking is at your fingertips.

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