Helene Itzkin – Acting Head of ORT JET Johannesburg

email: helene@ortsa.org.za

Helene is responsible for driving ORT JET’s businesses mentorship programmes, brand management and private and corporate sponsorship opportunities. Prior to joining ORT JET Helene worked in the advertising and communications industries, both locally and abroad. Notable is her thirty years of success in managing commercial clients and working within time frames and budgets. Helene’s commitment to excellence is her trade mark.



Tracey Catania – Training and Event Coordinator

email: tracey@ortjet.org.za

Tracey co-ordinates all training undertaken by ORT JET. Once needs have been identified, Tracey arranges training to provide the ORT JET community with opportunities to develop and enhance their skills. Prior to joining ORT JET, Tracey worked in customer relations management, marketing, event co-ordinating and the technology industry. She facilitates group sharing, networking and training opportunities for mentors and entrepreneurs, providing regular support and interaction with them. She is also the project manager for specialised projects within ORT JET.



Samantha Rau – Business and Mentor Coordinator

email: samantha@ortjet.org.za

Samantha is the driver of our Business Mentoring programme, ensuring the business people who sign up are moving towards achieving their goals. She matches the appropriate mentors to the businesses, in order to provide them with the best assistance. She provides the mentors and entrepreneurs with customised support and interacts with them regularly. Samantha is responsible for ensuring that businesses are integrated into the ORT JET programme, and arranging the induction for the businesses and all the initial and progress meetings held with the ORT JET consulting team. She also deals with the daily administrative tasks of the organisation.


Brandon Pereira – Marketing Administrator

email: brandon@ortsa.org.za 

Brandon is responsible for marketing the brand and image of ORT JET. He is involved in the production and implementation of various print media, social media, the ORT JET website, new marketing material and events. With graduating at the Institution of Marketing Management, Brandon seeks to innovate and grow awareness about what ORT Jet has to offer and pursue connecting ORT Jet with the community.