Hi friends,

Have you ever had a burning desire, an almost ‘other worldly’ nudge to get something out into the world? The right people seem to cross your path and inspiration appears out of nowhere? Well, that’s what the past year has been like for me. It began when I got Covid and it triggered extreme levels of anxiety in me. The only way I could cope was to use a slow breathing technique to calm my system and bring me back to the moment where sanity prevailed.

Long story short, I wanted to bring the positive benefits of slow, conscious breathing to the world and everything seemed to fall into place in order to support the process. (You can read the whole story in my latest blog “Birthing a Bird”).

Equipped with scientific research on the benefits of slow breathing as well as the physiological and psychological advantages of conscious breathing, the Halcyon was carefully designed and then launched in September.

It is so gratifying to receive this kind of feedback:

“I am enjoying the Halcyon so much. I use it all the time. It’s life changing.”

“It brings me into a moment of awareness and calms me down.”

“I have used the Halcyon to help me get deeper into my mediation practice. The ability to immediately ground into my breath helps me connect with my practice. I have found it useful when I am juggling many activities in a day and feel overwhelmed, by stopping and taking time to reconnect with my breath, I am able to re-centre and focus.”

It turns out there is another way the Halcyon is being used – to cement and support the suggestions of Hypnosis (positive manifestation exercises). Natasha Sakota (Marissa Peer certified Hypnotist, Business Coach, Relational Counsellor & NLP Coach) shared how she has been using it in Switzerland with her clients.

You can imagine how thrilled I was when Natasha shared this with me. Using a breathing tool to make hypnosis more powerful – YouTube

And for those of you who want the benefits of slow breathing (stimulates the vagus nerve which calms the nervous system), try using a straw. It’s simple and effective. Or you can contact me if you are interested in purchasing a Halcyon.

If you any questions or shares, I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you a beautiful day.