One of the biggest complaints we hear from women in our workshops around the world is that they don’t have enough time to be everything they need to be.

Every New Year starts with lofty aspirations and the best of intentions, only to careen into another yearend, leaving a tattered trail of unfinished goals and unfulfilled desires. In this three-part series, we’re going to work with you to help you truly own your time and make 2017 a year of smashing success.

Work, family, and social demands almost always reach a fever pitch this time of year, so now is the perfect time to develop an awareness of any potential bad habits and time-wasting behaviours you may have developed. Because what if, by this time next year, you find yourself feeling like you have controlled your year and not that your year has controlled you?

Over the next month, step outside yourself every now and then and watch out for these potential timewasters. Give yourself a rating of 1 to 10, with 1 being not at all true, and 10 being ‘oh my goodness, that’s so me!’

Time traps:

Perfectionism. I take much longer than other people to complete a task because I feel that everything I do has to be absolutely perfect.
Tip: perfection can be stifling. The world rewards productivity, not perfection. Let’s embrace that “Done is better than perfect”. The best we can be or do or say right now, with all the tools, skills, knowledge, and time we have at this very moment… because it doesn’t get any better than that.
Procrastination. If there’s something I don’t really want to do I keep putting it off instead of tackling it straight away.
Tip: if this sounds like you, plan your most daunting task first thing on your calendar. Notice what happens to your energy once you have tackled it.
Distractions. I plan a full 8 hour day but because of distractions like phone calls, meetings, and unplanned tasks, I never get everything done.
Tip: distractions are inevitable. Only plan for 4 to 5 real hours of work per day.
Meetings. Meetings are pointless. They’re one of my biggest time wasters.
Tip: meetings need a clear agenda. Define that agenda beforehand, keep that agenda on track, and close the meeting on time. No agenda? No meeting!

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