We were so fortunate to receive such practical and optimistic advice from John Sanei in these unprecedented times! According to John, FutureNow has something to do with how we see the future. We are moving into adaptive and flexible times rather than linear. He urged us to move from a victim mindset into a creative one outlining a nice-step framework on how to achieve this which is discussed in his e-book. On behalf of ORT Jet, we cant thank him enough for the knowledge he imparted with us on all on the 6th of April.

FutureNOW is the first book in the Future Trilogy series: FutureNOW, FutureHOW and FutureNEXT.

The FutureNOW guideline provides a nine-step framework that will help you reach a calm state to bring about clarity of thought and emotions to enable you to make the decisions that are elegant, energised and generous. Don’t be afraid to start over again; you may like your new story better.

Please do share with your friends to help us harness the power of the collective and together let’s uplift as many people possible to embrace the unknown.

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