“Mentoring can be a very rewarding activity,” said Ellis Falkof, ORT SA Chairman at the dazzling ORT Jet Annual Awards Ceremony for 2019 after another year of proud accomplishments.

Niki Seberini was yet again an exceptional MC for the night as she effortlessly welcomed honorary guest speakers to the podium. The speakers shared with the audience impressive knowledge which gave us a lot to think about.

“The work that the mentors do is remarkable and I salute the entrepreneurs who take support and advice from the mentors, because ultimately they are the real heroes!” said Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein. He congratulated CEO, Ariellah Rosenberg on her leadership and expertise.

“By growing revenue is growing the economy so all these businesses on the ORT Jet programme are contributing to the growth of the South African Economy. This is through entrepreneurs on the ground who are brave and are prepared to take risks” he added.

Ambassador Lior Keinan told the audience, “I am happy to see that what ORT Jet is doing on a small scale is exactly what Israel is doing as a country – understanding the need to support entrepreneurs and assist them when they start- when they have a brilliant idea and what to do with the idea” He added that Israeli’s success was caused by innovation, support and entrepreneurship.  “I hope Israel can inspire South Africans when they need it the most!” he said.

Professor Nick Binedell, the founding dean of GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science). A business school designed to meet the needs of the 21st century for business leaders, empowered the audience with his words.

“That magic moment when we see ourselves flying because we are blessed with so many key assets, we need to learn to use them more effectively.” He called this the human capital that we need to learn how to use.

He spoke about the power of giving and how it is a joy in itself, “if each one taught one” he said. “Because out there are 30 million people who just want a chance. They are our brothers and sisters and we should reach out to them, it is the right thing to do!”

“This is a country of ups and downs, challenges and enormous opportunities, living in the fastest change in human history. Humans on the planet have never had it this good. It is an extraordinary time that we are living in with the access to the knowledge and information like never before.”

Nick Binedell concluded that “We should support our president actively because we will get the society we prepared to work for. You as a community and organisation are working in the fertile territory that this country is in and I commend you for it.” he concluded.

On receiving the ORT Jet Mentor of the Year Award, marketing strategist, Mike Said added, “It is amazing to watch the mentees become more comfortable with what they are doing and turn that into actual results.” He said “ORT is an amazing organisation, the highest level of charity is to help someone earn a living for themselves”

Orit Taback from Orit’s Bakery won the Business of the Year Award. On receiving her award from Helene Itzkin, Manager of ORT Jet she said, “I am proud of my business and I appreciate ORT Jet’s involvement in taking my business from a dream to reality, ”

ORT Jet congratulated all the nominees and winners and thanked the sponsors for their generosity and expertise in making the event the success it was.

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